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  • Arthur Peters (Tuesday, August 02 22 01:23 am BST)

    MUST READ!!!
    If you’re reading this then you must be in the same sad position my family and I found ourselves in. An incapacitated family member stranded abroad without holiday insurance.
    I picked Jim’s number from the government approved repatriation website.
    Some quotes were cheap others very expensive, however Jim’s stood out as he was the only one that offered a full free service up until the point of departure, by that I mean liaising with the foreign doctors, getting all the necessary medical and flight forms sorted, everything needed to ensure a safe speedy flight to the local hospital back home.
    I can’t stress enough you are in very good and capable hands with Jim and his crew, and I hope this review will take away any fears or doubts you might have

  • Geoff and Sue Cater (Thursday, May 12 22 07:32 pm BST)

    Our son began to experience severe anxiety and alcohol withdrawal while on a trip to Bogota, Colombia. He was unable to take his return flight back to the UK, and when he became increasingly unwell we contacted AALS Medical. Jim was so reassuring and caring at a very difficult time for us. Jim and Tony flew out to Colombia, gave our son immediate support, and took care of everything. Over the following two days they assessed and stabilised his condition, and worked with him to prepare him physically and mentally for travel. Finally Jim and Tony were able to support him through the return journey to the UK. Jim kept us regularly informed of progress throughout, and gave us wise advice.
    We are so grateful for all you did, and the way in which you did it. We would wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone needing expert and compassionate repatriation support.

  • Juliet Bennett (Wednesday, March 16 22 05:53 pm GMT)

    Jim and his team couldn't have been more helpful in getting my elderly aunt who suffers from Dementia back from Athens. We felt so much more confident having them with us. It made the journey back a whole lot less stressful. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • Katie Breeze (Sunday, January 30 22 01:18 pm GMT)

    AALS Medical were fantastic throughout the whole process. They helped return my sister to the UK after an accident in Thailand left her paralysed. Jim kept us updated all the way along and was always available to take our calls when we has questions. I can not thank the team enough for support and services they provided.

  • Katie Breeze (Sunday, January 30 22 01:15 pm GMT)

    AALS Medical were amazing throughout the whole process. They helped with getting my sister back to the UK after an accident in Thailand left her paralysed. Jim kept us updated along the way and was always available to take our calls if we had any questions. I can not thank the team enough for support and services they provided.

  • Mary Suantah (Monday, July 19 21 03:07 pm BST)

    It's been 6 weeks since my husband returned from the UAE under the expert team of Jim and Tony. I can't thank them enough for the support from the first phone call to my husband arriving at a hospital in the UK. The expertise, organisation, knowledge, support was outstanding which was a very daunting ordeal. Although you think first of the price, what is involved and the service you require is so needed for the piece of mind. My family and husband are truly thankful!

  • Biljana Kovacevic (Thursday, November 19 20 03:38 pm GMT)

    This is a message for Jim at AALS whom I have been personally dealing with in order to have my father flown over from Serbia back to London . Jim has organized everything for us from A-Z and most importantly whilst many competitors out there pushing to make the sale he was honest and had our best interest at heart , understanding , listening and patient whilst we was panicking naturally, however everything went smoothly thanks to Jim and my father is well and recovered back home in London . I truly recommend this company to anyone who is need and wants to do what’s best for their loved ones . I have taken my risk and it was well worth it , thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and my tears of joy run down my face as I write this , as I whole heartedly mean it .
    All the best wishes and many blessings from family Kovacevic

  • Maxine Coppard (Monday, September 28 20 08:50 pm BST)

    I can’t recommend AALS enough my brother was stranded in Thailand after suffering a massive stroke , we were getting no where with his repatriation due to Covid , finances and authorities. As soon as Jim Quinn took on the mission , he took Care of everything , it was no easy feat and took a lot of hurdles , but he never gave up , he gave us hope and eventually returned our beloved brother home to us yesterday , I definitely second another comment about the personal compassion Jim showed us this is not just a job for him he genuinely cares about the whole family’s well being and what’s best for everyone, this nightmare was made so much easier because of Him and we will forever be thankful

  • Zintathu Nqweni (Friday, July 03 20 01:18 pm BST)

    We’d like to thank Jim and team for guiding us through a very daunting journey . Not only did they do that with a sense of professionalism but with a human touch . From transportee ,it was good and everything went smoothly. Transfers between planes required some discomfort but once I was seated wherever I was it was comfortable. Thank you team for taking me back home to SA

  • Kim St Aubyn (Friday, June 12 20 01:47 pm BST)

    My 71 year old father and wife was stranded in Spain during the Covid pandemic. My father has a heart and lung condition and had recently recovered from a heart failure episode so travelling on an emergency repriation flight was not an option.

    I contacted Jim who arranged for private ambulance to drive to Spain and bring my dad back non stop to the UK.

    Despite the stress of the situation and the journey length my dad was both comfortable and reassured.

    Jim and his team gave both a personnal and totally professional service and I can not recommend them enough.
    A big thank you from Kim St Aubyn & family.

  • Sarah carberry (Monday, March 30 20 11:09 am BST)

    My son Chris age just 24, recently repatriated from Spain with the most fantastic professional Austrian team . Thankyouvftomgthe bottom of my heart , you made a frightening experience for Him , enjoyable and painless . Your honesty and support throughout is first class 🙏🏼❤️

  • Vicky Barnett (Friday, September 20 19 07:47 pm BST)

    I can not thank A.A.L.S medical enough, they were a fantastic support for my partner's repatriation from Martinique back to the UK after he had a stroke out there, the professionalism and kindness of the team made it so much easier to deal with such a harrowing experience, I would highly recommend them.

  • Caroline Davies (Friday, August 23 19 04:20 pm BST)

    I would highly recommend Alsmed - my son had a serious accident in Bali and we used this company to medically repatriate him back to the UK. Jim was amazing - he is so calm and reassuring and organised the whole process from negotiating with the hospital in Bali , arranging the transfer, negotiating with the airlines and the hospital in the UK. Getting my son back to the UK was really important for his recovery and could not have done it on our own. Thanks so much Jim and Tony!

  • Deborah Cann (Saturday, July 06 19 11:37 am BST)

    When our son was taken very ill in the British Virgin Islands we knew we had to get him home but did not know where to start. We contacted Jim who organised the whole repatriation from start to finish.
    Our son was accompanied by 2 medics on 2 flights and 2 ambulance journeys before being handed over to our local hospital. He is still not well but we have seen him and know he is having the best care.
    Cannot thank Jim and the team enough and would thoroughly recommend them.

  • Carol Devaux (Friday, June 28 19 03:03 pm BST)

    We have to thank Jim for all he did for my family and myself. He organized all travel arrangements and travelled with my 96 year old mother from hospital in the UK back to our home in the Caribbean. He met with her doctors in the UK and dealt with all paper work, ambulances, tickets, etc. with the airline, travelled with her and was very attentive to her needs during the nine hour flight - even though I also travelled - cleared her through immigration at both ends and finally handed her over to the nursing team. He made my trip stress free knowing she was in the care of someone who had the experience of traveling with an invalided elderly patient. I would certainly recommend Jim and his company to anyone needing professional assistance with a loved one.

  • Peter (Wednesday, May 22 19 11:21 am BST)

    After falling ill in Thailand, My family made the decision to repatriate my brother to the UK.

    I tried a number of companies, but this one by far stood out above the rest. Upon requesting more information, Jim personally called me. I explained the situation, then he offered me advice on how best to get my brother back to the UK.
    Not one other company called me to explain possible scenarios, this felt like the patient was more important than anything else.

    They were helpful every step of the way. After agreeing a price, there was no time wasted and they headed over to see my brother and assess him in his home in Thailand.

    As I could not travel there, Jim was in constant contact with myself every step of the way which was a real relief. They communicated with the Thai hospitals, arranged everything from ambulances to medication, they even helped my father get on the same flight to return back to the UK with them.

    The list goes on. They make you feel at ease, are extremely professional, knowledgeable and experienced.

    I cannot thank the team enough for all their help. I would highly recommend them to anybody who is in the unfortunate position we were in.

    Again, I would like to thank the whole team. You are all a real god send in such unfortunate times. We are forever grateful for all you did.

  • Andrew Cochrane (Wednesday, March 27 19 08:35 pm GMT)

    My family and I worked with Jim and the ALS team from December 2018 - March 2019 to try and repatriate my father from Thailand to the UK.

    Unfortunately our case had a lots of ups and downs due to the medical condition of my father. However through out this long process, ALS always went above and beyond. They offered advice, acted as our ambassador in the country where possible, provided pricing and options with no commitment, gave medical feedback on very complex situations.

    The list goes on and on, ultimately though they were professional, well experienced, knowledgable, caring and passionate about what they do. We didn’t get to bring my father home, but we will be forever grateful to Jim and ALS for everything they did for us and without a shadow of a doubt they come highly recommended if anyone ever finds themselves in this type of awful situation.

    Thank you Jim and Tony!

  • Susan (Friday, November 16 18 01:36 pm GMT)

    Excellent service from start to finish.

  • Gabie Clark (Saturday, October 13 18 06:51 pm BST)

    I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Jim and his team at ALS Medical to anyone in the unfortunate position of requiring medical repatriation.

    Last month my brother and I had to fly out urgently to a Greek Island where my father was very seriously ill. Unable to treat him at the hospital on the island, the only option provided by the local doctors was for us to accompany my father, alone, on a 13-hour boat trip to Athens. Desperate for another solution, I called various medical repatriation services listed on the FCO website. Jim from ALS answered the phone himself and right from the start I knew this was the company I trusted the most. Jim was friendly, confident and knowledgeable, providing easily the best service of all the companies I called, as well as by far the best value quote. Whereas other companies wanted hundreds of pounds just to assess my dad’s medical records (without any guarantee they would then be able to provide a repatriation service) Jim put in all the groundwork before we’d even paid. We were struggling to navigate the language barrier at the local hospital, but Jim made the process of sending medical records from Greece easier by providing practical solutions, i.e. allowing me to send photos of the records from my phone via whatsapp. ALS also organised the translation of the medical records. During a very stressful time, Jim’s personal and straightforward service was a godsend.

    Jim and Tony booked their flights out to Kos as soon as possible, arriving two days before my dad’s repatriation date to visit him in hospital, sort all the remaining logistics in-country and make him as comfortable as possible for his flight back. I was able to return to work during this time, confident that my dad was in the best possible hands. Jim kept in contact with me throughout the process. My dad’s repatriation went smoothly and on arrival in the UK he was admitted to a local hospital with the specialist unit he needed. Jim’s team had pre-arranged this, which again saved me a lot of stress and hassle.

    I honestly do not know what I would have done in this situation without the services of ALS Medical. My family and I are incredibly grateful to Jim and Tony for bringing my dad back to the UK, enabling him to get the treatment he desperately needed. My dad himself has since spoken very highly of Jim and Tony, who he said were ‘fantastic’. He is incredibly grateful for what they did, and when he was well enough to understand the finances involved he deemed the service ‘excellent value’. I totally agree; considering all the costs involved, I really don’t think the service ALS Medical provided could’ve been done any cheaper. This truly does seem to be a company who put the needs of the patient (and their family) above profit.

    I do not hesitate to recommend ALS Medical’s cost-effective, professional and personable service. Thanks again Jim and Tony for everything you did for us.

  • Chris Helm (Tuesday, September 25 18 10:40 am BST)

    From the time l first approached ALS Medical l felt that l was dealing with a professional company and could trust them.
    Jim kept in touch all the way through the repatriation of my son from China. He and his colleagues arranged everything with kindness and considerstion and my son was sent back to the hospital of our choice thanks to them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ALS to bring your loved ones home.

  • vicki duffey (Sunday, July 29 18 09:28 am BST)

    I have just returned from Greece with my elderly mother thanks to ALS, So many difficulties, issues with her eligibility to treatment, Dialysis requirements etc. Each obstacle was communicated fully, discussed and dealt with professionally and compassionately in an informed manner. massive stumbling blocks overcome to enable her safe return with a team of exceptionally qualified and professional staff working with a very difficult dynamic. despite all of the problems throughout I felt safe in their hands and in the knowledge that if it could be done they would help me to find a way. Thank you really isn't enough

  • Abbey Cargill (Monday, March 26 18 12:08 pm BST)

    I can wholeheartedly recommend the professional, personal, and cost-effective service offered by ALS Medical Services.

    My brother was badly injured in a road traffic accident in France in January this year. After a few days with him in hospital in France, it became clear that his treatment would last several weeks, and we made the decision to transport him back to the UK for ongoing care.

    I contacted a number of medical repatriation companies, and ALS was my first choice from the start. From my initial telephone consultation with Jim, I felt like this was a service I could trust - I am from a medical background myself, and was pleased by the way I was able to discuss my concerns with the team, whose wealth of clinical experience was evident and very reassuring.

    ALS dealt with the logistical challenge of liaising with bed managers to secure a bed in a London hospital, so that my brother was admitted directly to a ward. Practically, ALS were prepared for any eventuality on the journey (e.g. if we needed to divert to another hospital in the event of an emergency); I felt my brother was in very safe hands. I was also very touched by the personal approach offered by Jim and Tony - they seemed to appreciate the emotional impact on not only my brother but on myself, trying to navigate a difficult situation abroad. The emotional support from them was something I had not expected, but was extremely grateful for. Furthermore, they remained on standby in France when a change in my brother's condition meant his transfer had to be delayed by a number of days - this was invaluable.

    If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing medical repatriation from abroad, I would not hesitate to hire ALS Medical Services. I will be forever grateful for their help in bringing my brother home.

  • Paul Steen (Sunday, March 25 18 05:23 pm BST)

    My 87 year old mother was seriously injured in a fall down the stairs after having a small stroke while in the US. She suffered a fractured pelvis,broken arm,dislocated elbow,two fractured vertebra in the neck and a concussion.

    After some time in hospital in the US we contacted ALS to have my mother repatriated to the UK. As soon as the medical team consisting of Jim and Tony arrived we felt a sense of relief and they took control of the whole situation. These guys are totally professional, caring and compassionate.Jim was in constant contact with us and keeping us updated the whole time which put our minds at ease. They made all the necessary arrangements which included talking to doctors ,medication, ambulances, booking flights and liased between hospitals in the UK and the US to make a smooth transition.

    We would recommend ALS medical services for any medical emergency worldwide they delivered exactly what they said. Our family is extremely grateful to ALS medical services.

  • Philip Morris (Sunday, January 21 18 03:32 pm GMT)

    I’ want to give anyone the whole hearted warm reference of my experience of engaging ALS Med’ that they will be making a good choice regarding their services in difficult stressful times.
    I’ am speaking as a Son and a former military medic.

    The Planning and Preparation Phase’

    This for me’ is critical having all of the necessary administrations put into place ready for the hand-over from the Portuguese to the UK Hospital.
    Jim and Tony made communications with both medical staff of both hospitals who were relevant regarding the move of out Father for repatriation back to the UK. This took the stressful burden off our shoulders and made this possible with no hick-up’s at all.

    Food and expenses were all included in the price of their services which I’ must stress was rather competitive and user friendly!! compared with other similar companies out there and saved our family rather a lot of costs on the financial side of things which was in the back of our family’s minds too.

    Meeting and Greeting’s.

    Meeting up with Jim and Tony for the first time gave us a confident self feeling that things are starting to move into a positive direction they gave me an excellent plan of action and detailed points on how and what was going to happen with the introduction of meeting the Portuguese Hospital staff and what had been arranged with the UK Hospital staff prior to making the journey home back to UK soil.
    I’ must point out that their communication was first class calling us every step of the way regarding timings of arrival to ourselves so we had self-assurance from start to finish during this stressful period of this time.
    I’ must point out that if they had to play devils advocate with the best interest of our father the had done so regarding best practice while our father was still in the Portuguese hospital during the transitional phase of the evacuation back to the UK.

    The decision was made to travel back via the road {2000 miles’} given the condition of my father’ all necessary precautions were put in place for all possible out-comes. This had given me reassurances that things were managed correctly and any variables that may occur were prepared in advance and would be managed.
    The Ambulance was Kitted out with all the correct medical equipment and aid’s including necessary medical drugs that may be used.

    Journey/Final Hand-Over

    The Journey was comfortable and reassuring from the start to the finish’ always making sure that our father was comfortable on the stretcher and making sure that he did not feel uncomfortable and always conscious about any other possibilities for example BED SORES’ both of these lads made sure that my father was ok and was hydrated all of the time.
    This gave me a bit of a break from my personal stress of the whole duration and I’ found this a breath of fresh air.

    Once in the UK and near the hospital both Jim and Tony Made sure my father was kept clean and had his dignity intact prior to his medical hand-over to the hospital staff’ once again the communication from Jim to the UK Hospital staff were always there so the hospital staff were ready for his arrival regarding timings.

    My Personal opinion was that the whole start to finish was first class’ and I’ am speaking to all who read my statement’ speaking as a former military medic.
    I’ can whole heartedly recommend this company to help you out in one of the most difficult situation I’ have encountered during peace times their professional medical attitudes were spot-on! their execution of the whole situation I’ had found travelling with Jim and Tony was like I’ had known them for a long time’ calming a stressful time into a breath of fresh air they take the heavy burden of everyones shoulders and put things to right.

    I hope that my statement gives reassurance to others who need help in stressful times the aid in choosing Jim and Tony the best helping aid of delivering their loved ones back to the UK safely.

    Kind and Warmest regards

    Philip Morris. {Ex-British Army Medic}

  • Yin Lau (Tuesday, January 02 18 09:25 pm GMT)

    My best friend Neil was in a Skydiving accident in South Africa. We made contact with Jim at ALS to repatriate Neil back to the UK. We had no help from insurance but Jim and his team provided us with the information and quote we needed to make a decision about bringing him home.

    In the end, after a new option opened up to us at the very last minute, Neil ended up having his surgeries out in SA instead of being repatriated. However, our decision to go for surgery in SA, was made much easier by the very considerate advice that Jim and his team gave us, after learning about our case. From a medical stand point they agreed that it was much safer for Neil to stay in SA and complete his surgery before flying back to the UK.

    I just want to say a big thank you for helping us through this difficult and complicated time. We really appreciate the time and effort spent on our case, even though we didn't end up going ahead.

    A fantastic team and a pleasure working with you.

  • John Cronin - Managing Director at Fire Safety Cork (Saturday, July 22 17 12:56 pm BST)

    Medical Escort from Thailand

    My niece Ciara had a Quad Biking accident while on holidays in Thailand and wished to return to Ireland as soon as possible after her eye surgery at Suratthani Hospital. I travelled with Ciara’s mum, Taimse to the hospital and after a brief consultation with the surgeon, we quickly realised a paramedic team were necessary to accompany Ciara home on a commercial flight, to sterilize the wound, insert regular eye drops and administer pain relieve.

    We were faced with a logistical, medical and legal minefield and knew it could take one to two weeks to organise a Thai doctor and nurse to travel home with us. Fortunately we contacted Jim at ALS Medical Services and within a few hours of deciding our preferred route, he was making his way with his medical assistant to Suratthani, Thailand.

    ASL Medical Services provided a complete bed to bed medical escort and took all the pressure off us and Ciara’s family by taking care of all the travel arrangements and completed any documents required for us to fly home. They arranged flights and land transfers, liaised with the surgeon in Suratthani Hospital, completed the airline’s MEDIF, and liaised with CUH in Cork to ensure Ciara had a speedy hospital admission when we arrived at our destination.

    We will be forever grateful to Jim and his team for helping us to bring our amazing girl Ciara, safely and swiftly back to Ireland. Jim’s great sense of humour was an added bonus that kept us all going on our difficult journey home. I can confidently recommend the prompt, qualitative and cost effective service provided by ALS Medical Services.

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