Q. What services do you offer?


A. Becoming ill or injured abroad is a frightening and overwhelming experience.


Often the health care available is not to the standards we expect at home and it becomes necessary to arrange transport back to your home country.


On many occasions, Insurance cover is found to be insufficient or invalid leaving the patient and family with the task of making arrangements alone.


We offer expert advice and specialist medical transport for any medical situation abroad.


Make us your first point of contact to bring your loved one’s home quickly, safely and as cost efficiently as possible.



Q. What is the process?

A. Upon initial contact from you, we will evaluate the medical condition of the patient, view medical reports and liaise with the hospital the patient is currently in.

We will then look at the most appropriate and cost effective option for return to your home country.


Q. What are the transport options?

A. This is always appropriate to the patients’ medical requirements.

We offer land ambulance for European transfers, Transport by commercial aircraft with medical escort or for our more serious medical requirements we have access to a worldwide network of chartered private jet air ambulances and advanced medical teams.


Q. How do I arrange transfers, customs and hospital admission back home?

A. We take care of every detail of the complex logistics of international medical transfers. We also liaise with the receiving hospitals to arrange prompt admission and treatment.


Q. Can a family member travel with the patient?

A. This again is subject to the patient’s condition and method of transport. We can normally accommodate 1 family member but may be able to arrange for additional family on commercial flights.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Each transfer is priced competitively and a fixed quotation will be provided in advanced once the medical requirements are established.


Q. How soon can we be back in our own country?

A. We have teams available 24/7 and could leave within a few hours of initial contact. Private medevac jets could leave with the patient on board within 24 hours. For commercial aircraft journeys we have previously arranged medical clearance within a few hours but this may take a few days subject to the medical assistance required on board.

On rare occasions, there may be a time requirement between some operations to flight clearance due to increased risks due to pressure changes on board the aircraft.

We normally have a team mobile within hours and aim, where possible, to have them at the patient’s bedside within 24 hours to make final arrangements locally.

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* AALS Medical Services is a trading name of 000 Medical Repatriation Ltd. Company Reg No SC759997